Preparation of new vehicles for use


When you purchase new trailers or semi-trailers in Europe, the vehicles are usually not yet ready for use, and thus they need to be transported to home country for preparation works, which increases both time and financial costs. To help its customers (carriers) deal with this problem, Voltronas offers conducting all the necessary works for preparing new vehicles for use in Belgium.

Choosing our company is worthwhile because of the following:

  • our team with many years of experience will conduct all the preparation works in a high-quality manner and on time;
  •  carriers will not have to transport vehicles to home country, which will both save time and financial resources;
  •  carriers may immediately start using trailers and semi-trailers prepared for use in Belgium to carry cargo to their customers in the Western Europe;
  •  Voltronas ensures a competitive cost of preparation works, which allows carriers to maintain a competitive advantage over domestic and foreign carriers;
  • customers are served in English, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish and French, which allows the service team to solve problems in a highly expeditious manner and to fulfil customer requests with maximum accuracy;

Voltronas conducts the following works of preparation of new vehicles for use (works are approved with customers in each case; works that are not on the list may also be performed):

  • Installation of TAPA locks;
  • Removal and installation of spare wheels;
  • Sticking advertising labels;
  • Alarm installation;
  • Assembling box semi-trailers;
  • Registration of semi-trailer tires (spare wheels);
  • Installation of Transics equipment + alarm;
  • Attaching spherical mirrors;
  • Spoiler lift;
  • Rebuilding air hoses;
  • Attaching logos;
  • Assembling trailers;
  • Registration of trailer tires;
  • Installation of customs cable loops and rings;
  • Assembling tautliners;
  • Installing tracking equipment;
  • Installing camera system;
  • Installing Passang equipment;
  • Installing sets of fuel tank guards;
  • Installation of cabin air duster blow guns;
  • Riveting A tablets;
  • Riveting ADR tablets;
  • Affixing license number plates;
  • Assembling spare keys (trailer, fuel, adblue);
  • Scanning tachographs after inspections;
  • Switching off the transport mode;
  • Inspecting/ adjusting the height of trailer airbags;
  • Tightening spring fasteners;
  • Installation of fire extinguisher boxes;

For more information, please contact us:

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